Monday, December 29, 2008

Birthday Cupcakes

Yay!!! It's public holiday over here and I was assigned to prepare cupcakes for my nephew's belated birthday. His younger sister is celebrating her birthday today, December 29th. I prepared those cupcakes earlier, though they were not as good as I expected they were supposed to be. I wanted them to be more alluring but as I was really tired and sleepy, I just managed to come out with these.

This one was rather very simple...

Anyway, a wish for my little nephew...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Aunt will do better next time..

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chocolate & Strawberry Tartlets..

Wanted to do something unusual today. Ended up, baking tartlets of chocolate & strawberry. Well, they were my first attempt but mommy likes them. They were crispy & crunchy on the outside and those filling were sweet and tempting. Mmmm...

Weekend is just the perfect time spending quality time with beloved momma!!!

Happy Holiday!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

BTT - Wintery Books

No, no … this isn’t the question you’re probably expecting, that asks about your winter reading habits.
What I want to know today is … what are the most “wintery” books you can think of? The ones that almost embody Winter?
(Personally, “A Winters Tale” by Mark Helprin pretty much nails this for me, and “Smilla’s Sense of Snow” was right up there…)

I couldn't think one with the word of 'winter' or 'snow'. But I remembered, my grown-up book that I had loved the most. It was 'The Christmas Book' by Enid Blyton. I read this book as a youngster and I could say this one could be linked with Winter.

What's yours?

Happy BTT!

Wishing You Joy & Good Tidings..

It's December 25th and I guess there's merriment everywhere. Here too, all are 'in the mood' of the holiday and trees are decorated with nice ornaments and lights. Most of the shopping complexes have their own Christmas attractions and I could say they were really really nice. I managed to take some shots at one of the shopping complex here in the city.

I took this pic almost 2 weeks ago. The setting was cute with those huge lollipops, though it looked very simple.

The bread house looks yummy too.. and for that I baked and decorated these cupcakes just to follow the mood.

May blessings shine upon you.. :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

BTT - Generosity

Do you give books as gifts?
To everyone? Or only to select people?
How do you feel about receiving books as gifts?

Books are always been the best gift for me. It’s just that some other people won’t value books as preferred gifts compared to other common gifts. I would selectively choose to whom I would give books. As far as I could remember, I had ever given books to my elder sister on her birthday, my niece also on her birthday, and my nephew as souvenirs when I traveled outside my residing country. As I highly value books, I would always be happy to receive books as gifts (even though I never received them as gifts.. :)

Do you think so???

Happy BTT!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BTT - Time Is Of The Essence

1. Do you get to read as much as you WANT to read?
(I’m guessing #1 is an easy question for everyone?)
2. If you had (magically) more time to read–what would you read? Something educational? Classic? Comfort Reading? Escapism? Magazines?

Is the precious gem of life.

If only I had more time (magically) to read, I will spend more time reading facts and educational materials. Why??? It makes me knowledgeable and I wouldn't need to depend on others. It is something like having the world in my pocket.

I would also be using that extra time to read day-to-day stories, experiencing what it is to be in other people's shoes. For that, I'll be learning the ups and downs of life.

Mmm.. having so little time and much to read, I always didn't get sufficient time to read all I'd wanted.

What do you think???

Happy BTT!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Eid Ul Adha!!!

To all Muslims around the globe, happy celebrating this 'Day of Sacrifice'.
December 08th, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

Points to Ponder...

I received an email not so long time ago and I like this so-called 'Words of Wisdom'. Just to share this wonderfully written words and credits to the person who wrote this.

We are born with 2 eyes in front because we must not always look behind but see what lies ahead beyond ourselves...

We are born with 2 ears, one left and one right, so that we can hear both sides, collect both the compliments and criticisms...

We are born with a brain concealed in a skull, then no matter how poor we are, we are still rich and no one can steal what our brain contains...

We are born with 2 eyes, 2 ears but 1 mounth for the mouth is a sharp weapon. It can hurt, flirt and kill; remember our motto; talk less, listen and see more...

We are born with only 1 HEART, deep in our ribs, and it reminds us to appreciate and give love from deep within...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

BTT - 5 For Favourites

1. Do you have a favourite author?
Yes.. Enid Blyton, when I was a child and Francine Pascal for the series of Sweet Valley High & Sweet Valley University. Current favourite author, the gorgeous Irish writer, Cecilia Ahern.

2. Have you read everything he or she has written?

Not yet. Cecilia Ahern's 'The Gift' is on my current reading list.

3. Did you LIKE everything?

I could say, it's very near to everything.. But as I favour them, I always tried to like 'the whole everything'.. Does that sounds weird? :)

4. How about a least favourite author?

Every authors have their own ways to tackle readers, yet none of them being on my least favourite author.

5. An author you wanted to like, but didn't?

I wanted to like Jeffrey Archer but never got to fall in love with his famous writings on 'Kane and Abel'.
Happy Reading!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Was not in mood to go to the office today. Woke up as early as 5.15 ante-meridian as usual and did some house chores to bring up the mood but really, none of them has worked! So I got back to my bed while my baby puteh sat on my laps cuddly, just about to finished few hundred pages of 'If You Could See Me Now' by Cecilia Ahern.

But then I heard momma waking me up. Oh gosh, I must have dozed-off and it was 7.30 ante-meridian!!! Frankly speaking, an hour to get ready to work is not sufficient enough for me. So I texted my colleagues, I'm taking leave today. Hahahh... I didn't plan for it! :> At least I can use this time to finish my reading so I can start the newly-bought novel, again by Cecilia Ahern.

Cecilia Ahern made me cry for her nicely written novels. My next reading will be 'The Gift'. This is a story about people who, not unlike parcels, hide secrets. They cover themselves in layers until the right person unwraps them and discovers what's inside. Well, that was only part of the story that I took from the very first page of the book. I'm just counting pages to end my current reading. I'll come back with the whole story.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

'Booking Through Thursday'


Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S.
Now, you may have noticed that the global economy isn’t exactly doing well. There’s war. Starvation. All sorts of bad, scary things going on.
So–just for today–how about sharing 7 things that you’re thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving To All in the U.S. Wishing this Thanksgiving finds you with plenty reason to give thanks!

It's my 7 things that I'm thankful for...

my life.. for my career and everything that has happened to me..

my loving family (and that include my cat.. surely!!!) they are my friends through thick and thin. They could stand my unpredictable and changing mood. Thanks with love.

my precious friends all over the world. the laughter and friendship that I share with you are what I'm truly thankful for!

music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life. Without music, I'm empty.

food.. there is no love sincerer than the love of food???

the borderless world (the net), for me to explore the whole world.

and lastly, (saving the best for last).. thanks to God for all His blessings! Without Him, I won't get to experienced this wonderful life...

'May all the blessings of life be yours in abundance'

Monday, November 24, 2008

Breathless Weekend...

'the red rose whispers of passion, and the white rose breathes of love,
o, the red rose is a falcon, and the white rose is a dove'
John Boyle O'Reilly

I had a nice yet memorable journey to the Kinabalu National Park last weekend. Driving my 'cutie' all the way to the Mesilau Nature Resort took us almost 2.5hrs to get there. No, we were not about to climb the summit of Borneo!! (as the Mesilau Trail is an alternative trail to climb Mount Kinabalu). We were supposed to spend our holiday at the Crocker Range Lodge (for the first time)! Mmm... Our first (and last I guess???) experience getting to the Crocker Range Lodge was unfriendly, though. Many parts of the Mesilau were really really steep, till momma couldn't just get through it. We changed our plan. Instead of staying at the Crocker Range Lodge, we stayed at the Hill Lodge inside the National Park.

We did enjoy ourselves along side the vistas of Mount Kinabalu there, although we were really tired being on the road for hours! And the best thing about this journey is that the bonds that connect us as a family that would be thoughful till the end of our lives.

'the love of a family is life's greatest blessing'

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Fill-in #99

1. The last band I saw live was quite long time ago and it was a local rock band.
2. What I look forward to most on Eid ul Fitr is food!!! (I love to eat!!!)
3. My holiday shopping is just like my ordinary shopping.
4. Thoughts of happy vacations fill my head.
5. I wish I could wear leather jacket.
6. Bagpipes are Scottish traditional instruments.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watch movies on the TV, tomorrow my plans include sight-seeing at the National Park, photographing and relaxing, and Sunday, I want to be at home, reading!!!

Happy Friday to everyone!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Holiday Card Exchange

Hey! This is fun!

Don't say Good-Bye to 2008 without receiving wonderfully designed cards in your mailbox!!

Participating is easy:

Just click the button below for more information and let's exchange!!!

Happy Holiday To All! Spread the words dear...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'Booking Through Thursday'


Even if you are a die-hard fan of the public library system, I’m betting you have at least ONE permanent resident of your bookshelves in your house. I’m betting that no real book-lover can go through life without owning at least one book. So … why that one? What made you buy the books that you actually own, even though your usual preference is to borrow and return them?
If you usually buy your books, tell me why. Why buy instead of borrow? Why shell out your hard-earned dollars for something you could get for free?

It's my first BTT & I'm happy to share my answer...

I used to go to the library to borrow books.. Till now, I borrow books that ONLY in good condition. I couldn't deny, I'm judging a book by its cover! :) And the cover, does matter for me.

So why do I buy them? Because of their covers of course. And, their contents too. If I possess them, I would have all the time in the world to read them without worrying whether I could finished reading them or ending up few pages left unread. Happy reading!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's a Gurl!!!

Hi... It has been four months since my last post.

Four months with the ups and downs, pretty much and MUCH to elaborate here. :) mind my language, I started to mumbling with words that aren't supposed to be there with don't-know-what reasons.. eheheheheh...

By the way, my sister-in-law recently delivered a baby and it's a gurrlllll!!!! She's so cute with the name of Nurul Jaszmeen. My 2.5 hrs journey to Kudat felt relatively short, as I excitedly couldn't resist to see her. After checkin'-in at one of the hotel there, with the guide of the friendly hotel staffs, I managed to drive to my in-law's house, with 2 other passangers... of course my momma & my nephew!!! Praise me, my last visit to Kudat was about 2 years ago.

Here she is, Jaszmeen the baby...

Cherish the new-born Jaszmeen...!!! :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

'mummy's passion...'

Home gardening...
That's it! A home in the garden, or shall I say it the other way round.. doesn't matter huh.. Sometimes I was amazed for what mummy grows. Spending her retirement days since the past 6 years, she has made our home as the pleasant place to live on earth!!! And mummy did pretty well for making me a 'home-body' for these...

Well done mummy for your lovely flowers that brighten our days...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

'being happy & happier..'

What a great day today. I decided to be happy, for every reasons I chose not to worry. I worked happily for 2 hours, completing my never-ending daily report (whereby I normally would be sparing my 9am-6pm working hours..).. In fact, I was in the office today for 6 hours only, plus all the non-related working matters!!! And guess what??? This feeling is truly a state of being honest to myself. Finally, after all this while I've been ignoring my inner-self and forcing my soul to follow my thoughts, I found the precious gift of all..

The journey in search for the 'real' me would still continues.. In expressing my hidden feelings, I'm wanting to give my love to someone whom I supposed, I don't need reasons to love him. I love him for who he was and who he is. I believe, confessing my true feelings towards him would make me more happier than ever (doesn't really matter what will happen next..). At least, I'm being responsible to my heart!!! Time would tell, sooner or later...

'You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly..'

Saturday, June 21, 2008

'i believe..'

I believe that the sun shines after the rain
I believe if you don't get hurt you'll never gain
I believe in not doing things the easy way
I believe that being selfish doesn’t pay

I believe something good comes from something bad
I believe that for tears of happiness there are tears of sad
I believe everyone has a guardian angel
And the good you do will be rewarded well

I believe sometimes there is no explanation
I believe money can't buy people's affection
I believe you don't know what you've got until it's gone
I believe a new day arrives with every dawn

I believe that to learn you have to live
I believe that to love someone you have to give
I believe one moment can change your life
And there's still help when you’re in strife

~kayla neil

Saturday, June 14, 2008

passion for...

Day in and day out, cats meet us at the door with affectionate ankle-rubs, demand lap-snuggles, and dole out whisker-kisses and head-bonks when we need them most. Cats don't care what we look like, how much money we make, if we're famous or unknown... :) they love us no matter what, and that is why I love them so much!!!

Celebrating 'the bond'.. I would like to share my passion for cats... (unfortunately mummy allows me to keep only one).

Everything a cat is and does physically is to me beautiful, lovely, stimulating, soothing, attractive and an enhantment...

perhaps while everyone was sleeping tightly, i was with her, studying till late night...

being loyal, still....

'wake up sweetie... momma is getting late for work..' owwhh!! how i wish she could have a nice sleep on my lap for as long as she likes...

still sleepy...

...anyway, have a great working day momma!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

'...thank you...'

'thank you!!'.. juz a nice word to start with.. I believe an appreciation can make a day, even change a life. And always, love and kindness make a difference as they bless the one who receives them, and the giver..

thank you... to beloved mummy, for being a superb-single-momma!!! no one could replace you, ever.

thank you... to an inspiring mentor, mr A for your guides, experiences, thoughts, etc... you keep my brain working... :)

and thank you to friends... for your friendship and your love. Knowing you is something I'm made of... Your friendship is a book that I may read in...