Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishing You Joy & Good Tidings..

It's December 25th and I guess there's merriment everywhere. Here too, all are 'in the mood' of the holiday and trees are decorated with nice ornaments and lights. Most of the shopping complexes have their own Christmas attractions and I could say they were really really nice. I managed to take some shots at one of the shopping complex here in the city.

I took this pic almost 2 weeks ago. The setting was cute with those huge lollipops, though it looked very simple.

The bread house looks yummy too.. and for that I baked and decorated these cupcakes just to follow the mood.

May blessings shine upon you.. :)


Renee said...

Well I think I am in love with that cupcake in the middle.

ha ha.

Looks delicious.

Renee xoxoxoxo

Staci said...

You are so talented!! Those look beautiful!! Almost a shame to eat them!!

JonJon said...

Renee & Staci,
It's a great compliment friends. Thanks! ;)