Monday, December 31, 2012

1st day of 2013

It's the first day of 2013! Guess everyone has already up with new year's resolutions. It's gonna be another 365 circle of days and nights, and of course one should have goals set at this very early day of the year. While most of people are busy listing up their resolutions, I am more interested in looking back what had happened, what had I accomplished while in 2012.

Through the end of the year, I remember watching the 2012 movie, once a blockbuster about the end of days for humanity. As far as I concern, the movie is based on a theory of the Mayan, that the calendar ends on December 21st, 2012. Which means, the universe will stop that particular day. And so the story went viral, with other junk theories of darkened days and so on. But thanks to God, we are given more time to live in this beautiful planet. In fact, 2012 is one of the best years for me that will always be in my mind.

In 2012:

  • I completed my Master's degree with flying colors result! For almost 2 years, I was struggling hard to obtain good marks. Some days, I had sleepless nights while most of the days I was not having enough sleep. They were my hardest days as I was staying up at nights and had to go work in the next morning. No rest during weekends as time were filled-up attending classes from am to pm. Though it was really tiring, it's worth it and I am glad to tell others for inspiration. 
  • I finally got the opportunity of learning new things at my new work place. No I did not job hop, it's just that I was transferred to other department! It is not that my previous department was not good, it's just that I am so happy that I got to learn so many things with new environment and new friendships! 
  • I got engaged with my ex-boyfriend! This moment is the most remembered one as it will be the starting point of our journey together, to get to know each other better and of course both of our families. And the best thing is, we got engaged on beloved mom's birthday! 

Love and hugs.

Hello 2013!

Goodbye 2012..

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Of having choices..

When looking on my FB page this morning, saw a post on choices that inspired me to write. Many people just don't realize that they do have choices and the power to choose is solely on their hands. People always complain and in fact blame that life is not fair. The real fact is that, life is fair if we know that we do have choices of making it fair. 

'You always have two choices; to accept things the way they are, or to have the courage to change them'
~ Jecknov Kanani

As holiday comes to an end..

Holiday is getting over and by next Monday, shall be resuming works.. and learning process. Yes, learning never ends although I had been working for many many years already. And especially when recently, getting the opportunity to explore the other parts of my job field. I am so thankful, indeed!

In fact, I've been continuous learning every day about everything and that different people have different ways of learning. And I've also learnt that it is own self whom will choose to continue to learn or not. Well, nobody's perfect in this world and one needs to accept other peoples' stand though.

For now, I've been wanting to write about psychology and on sharing the beauty and miracles of creating own's journey. I've been inspired by looking at people who blame fate that they could not live happily in this world; people who blame money as the major problem that he or she could not pursue better life; and thousands of reasons for not being successful in life. The worst thing is when people are reluctant to change when they do have the opportunity to choose and decide! How pathetic they are. I've been seeing people who blame life is not fair enough. This is so ridiculous when there are ways to change, but it is own self that refuse to change! If I were granted wishes, I would wish for the ability to change the mindset of those people. You can change, only if you want to..

'The only disability in life is a bad attitude' ~ Scott Hamilton 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

2 years..

At last, completed the semester and shall be graduating soon.. Thank God! After all the sacrifices and hard work (really hard), I am graduating with flying colors, yay!!!

I remembered, for 2 years without weekends, attending full day classes; 2 years with sleepless nights, completing assignments; 2 years without having to go out socializing, and most importantly, 2 years of not having the time with beloved mommy.. And now, I have all the time in the world!!! Phewww.. Working and studying at the same time are unforgettable memories, especially doing the Post-Graduate studies. Everything  is in rush, and you'll experience that time is flying fast, really fast! 

For the past 2 years, I would like to thank and dedicate this special post to my beloved ones for your understanding, patience, moral supports, and your continuous love! 
  • My dear mommy, thank you very much for your love.. Your place can't never be replaced! 
  • The love of my life, thank you very much for your love.. You are the one and only, till the end!
Thank you & love you both!! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Magnificent mum's green-fingers!

While waiting for my beloved mum yesterday, from inside my car, I managed to capture this wonderful picture from my phone! How beautiful and magnificent shot of this flower with natural water-drops. ThankGod for me to be this lucky to witness this amazing creation..

Happy Monday!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Completed the presentation and the report, ThankGod!! I am so glad for with that, I shall be graduating soon! Best of all, time is all with me.. Yay!!! Should be able to pursue my passion now and completing my mini-projects.

One of my masterpieces when I started to venture to the art of beading:

The Flower Beads


Sunday, June 3, 2012

After a while..

ThankGod for the time in the world that I'm having now! Though still having lots of works to be done, assignments to be completed, books to be read, but as for now, having the so-called 'free time' in the office now, I choose to blog! Perhaps I've forgotten that the choice is in my hands, that I decide what's next. Need to re-visit the Psychology thingy then.

Well, this is to list out the 'IMPORTANT' tasks that waiting for my very own 'consideration' to prioritize:

1. Weekly Reflection Report No. 2 (Submitted the No 1 Report) 
Okay, it's for my Global Business Issues class. We were asked to write a Reflection Report on what have been discussed during previous class. Enrolling to this class is a very good experience, of course for having a very knowledgeable Professor! (In case you are reading this Prof, I must say I like the way you share your knowledge and experiences.. This is truly an appraisal, without any other hidden agenda! :) ). And having until this Friday to complete this.

2. Applied Business Research (ABR)
As the final semester is approaching, my time now I could say, fully occupied with this research. Journals are to be read, findings to be written, meetings and discussions to be held, and doing the thinking! Anyway, feeling glad working with the Professor who pleasingly shared his wide knowledge in Marketing particularly. 

3. Writing a Position Paper
This is another writing task on Globalization (of course for the Global Business Issues class), given by the same Professor. For this Position Paper, I got the opportunity of reading on the Global issues that I seldom read! For the sake of writing this paper and getting ready for the class, bought a Bloomberg Businessweek (for the first time!). What caught my attention on this issue is the Facebook $96 Billion Hack (haven't read it though). I must say, this class has given me impacts that I have never thought of before, which is a good thing for sure. Gratitude is all what I can express. 

4. Beading Project
It's my another passion besides baking! Learned many techniques already after few classes but so far didn't really manage to get my 'Shaking' hands fully working with the beads. Also learned the art of beading through online tutorials and YouTube, recognizing that learning is always no limit and no boundaries. It's just own self is the limit, only when you set it. It is that own self will give thousands and millions of reasons and rebuttals. 

5. Other mini-projects
Having few mini projects to be completed soon, though no deadlines but completing each of them will give self satisfaction. And I believe, these mini projects, upon completion will complete the whole magnificent puzzle of my life! It's just a matter of time will determine the sooner or later, these puzzles will give a complete book that is full of unforgettable colorful journeys. 

So as for today, blogging is the second task that I did while I was beading at first. After this, thinking of reading the best-seller book of 'The World is CURVED'. Whatever it is, expecting to have a wonderful experience by reading this book.

Happy Monday!!

Will write again soon.