Saturday, August 25, 2012

As holiday comes to an end..

Holiday is getting over and by next Monday, shall be resuming works.. and learning process. Yes, learning never ends although I had been working for many many years already. And especially when recently, getting the opportunity to explore the other parts of my job field. I am so thankful, indeed!

In fact, I've been continuous learning every day about everything and that different people have different ways of learning. And I've also learnt that it is own self whom will choose to continue to learn or not. Well, nobody's perfect in this world and one needs to accept other peoples' stand though.

For now, I've been wanting to write about psychology and on sharing the beauty and miracles of creating own's journey. I've been inspired by looking at people who blame fate that they could not live happily in this world; people who blame money as the major problem that he or she could not pursue better life; and thousands of reasons for not being successful in life. The worst thing is when people are reluctant to change when they do have the opportunity to choose and decide! How pathetic they are. I've been seeing people who blame life is not fair enough. This is so ridiculous when there are ways to change, but it is own self that refuse to change! If I were granted wishes, I would wish for the ability to change the mindset of those people. You can change, only if you want to..

'The only disability in life is a bad attitude' ~ Scott Hamilton