Thursday, March 19, 2009

Holiday reminiscing...

Sorry I left clueless on my previous post of 'Watery Wednesday #27'. I never thought the shot I took from a room that I rented was quite inspiring for some people.
Back on the location, it was in Kudat, the northern tip of Sabah Division. I was here last year, with my family for a holiday trip as well as visiting immediate family. We stayed at the 'Kudat Golf & Marina Resort'. I remembered, the long journey through the picturesque scenery of villages and paddy fields, and the tranquility of unspoiled country charm finally brought us here.

The resort, Kudat Golf & Marina Resort

Our room was located in the middle of the building on the 2nd floor. I was standing at the jetty to shot this.

The Jetty and The Golf Course

This is a good justification why one should stay here, you gotta see both the park and sea views... which is very odd for most of the resorts in the world! (This is an unpaid promotional advertising, just my honest opinion)

Also being the Marina

and a place for peace and tranquility..

From the room.. which I wish, I was here, again...


ROSIDAH said...

I really was wondering where this beautiful place was. Definitely a paradise to go on vacation! Thank you for sharing :).

Renee said...

I would like you to pack me in your suitcase next time you go please.


Love Renee