Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wedding Cupcakes @ Office Meeting?

My schedule was pretty packed the last few days. Works and family matters got jumbled-up, and I didn't really care about the world's headline stories (for even the local one).. Believe it or not, I was lost in my own world! I was just lucky that I didn't faint during those hectic times.

As usual, days would just be empty without baking something scrumptious. Or at least, making fruit-flavoured pudding would just the best way getting my hands in the kitchen. Supposed that our AGM came for a one-whole-day meeting on January 13th, while I was busy completing reports he wanted in the eve, I was also busy in the kitchen baking some cupcakes and making-up some puddings. It was something like being at two different places at one time.

The experience was an unforgettable one, especially when everything ran smooth, unexpectedly. Our AGM satisfied with the overall reports, and everybody loves the cupcakes! I started to receive advanced orders for weddings and birthdays, though I never think of such business! :) I realized that in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity!

By the way, the simple cupcakes decoration leads to confusion when they turned to be like wedding cupcakes (as what my colleagues told me). Just wondering, do they look like wedding cupcakes?

I don't think so... Mmm...
Have a great day!


Staci said...

I think they could be cupcakes for so many occasions even weddings. They're gorgeous! I love the pink flower and the detail on the white frosting!!

Renee said...

What they do look == is delicious.

I think they could be used for any occassion, wedding, baby, everyday.

Yummy. You could totally make those for money they are beautiful.


Jodi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

They look delicious. I wish I had done wedding cupcakes. That would have been fun!

We had a cake that we specifically didn't want rum in and guess what was in it...rum!!! You should see the expression on my face in the video when my husband does the "groom feeds the bride" thing.

Judy said...

Those cupcakes are beautiful!! I cannot believe that you baked and decorated them. You could open your own bakery. Thank you for sharing them.

JonJon said...

Dear Staci, Renee, Jodi & Judy.
Thanks for your nice words. I'm still learning here & developing my creativity and imagination to decorate them. Perhaps one day I will be opening a cupcake coffee house and all of you shall be my honoured guests! :)