Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy weekdays, busy weekends!!

Pity to my blog, didn't really have much time to update it. I was busy with my studies, completing few assignments while I was loaded with work piles during daytime! Weekends seem no more a good blessing time for me to relax and enjoy the beautiful days. Anyway, the weather is pretty unfriendly at the moment. Everybody is complaining how hot it is nowadays..

This week is another busy weekend as my office moved to a new location. We received a short notice to vacate our previous office just three days from the exact moving out date, and of course everything was not in proper order in my view. ThankGod, managed to unpacked few boxes this afternoon in my new workplace and I just have another one more to go. Phewww!!

I got few engagement and wedding invitations for the past few weeks and only last Saturday, I managed to attend a friend's wedding ceremony. I love to attend engagement/wedding ceremonies as I got to meet my old friends and so the new ones. And as far as I could remember, I would attend to all invitations that I'd received. Unintentionally I missed an old friend's wedding ceremony this morning. Owh I feel bad about it when I saw an update on a friend's friend update on FB. I think I need to write him an apology note for not coming. Sorry dear friend..

Anyway, hope everyone is doing fine and will be catching up with all of the fantastic bloggers soon! Thank you for your companionship!!!


Rosidah Abidin said...

Very busy days! Hope everything will go on smooth and better for you. Stay healthy, my dear. Don't worry about visiting. I love you anyway :)

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