Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Sunday!!!

It's another bright Sunday and thankGod I feel blessed to have this 'extra free time' to blog, which I seldomly have the opportunity to do so. It's not that I totally have no time in the world, but it's about having so much of passion to fulfill in a very short time. I couldn't resist to follow my precious heart, since every single journey is a teacher for the best experiences.

As for this pleasant day, I have few things to be settled down and they include updating my blog, doing some research to upgrade my notebook (it's getting slower and that can cause a huge frustration, really..), and creating a new blog. Owh yes, I have few stuffs to be sold.. or maybe just to give them away for free (maybe one just need to pay for the postage fee.. need to think about that!), just to make space in my overloaded room. Huh.. Couldn't imagine what it's gonna be to let go some of my belongings!

Ana-kulli-hal (a just learned Arabic phrase for 'anyway'), hope to catch up with the wonderful bloggers out there and may you too have a blessed weekend..

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